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Member Spotlight: Sharol Hayner

We begin today with a new series, glimpses that help us get to know the members of our church. Today, we learn a few things about our Parish Associate Pastor Sharol Hayner.

Being here is the biggest surprise of my life! When we left Madison in 2003 so that I could finish seminary, I never dreamed I’d return and be part of the CPC community again. I didn’t dream that I would be a widow either, but God has surprised me with one of the best seasons of my life.

I’ve lived in every corner of the country and in the middle: Southern California, Boston, Seattle, and Atlanta with a brief time in St. Andrews, Scotland. We loved every place we lived—mostly because of the people. Besides enjoying wonderful friendships of all ages, Steve and I worked with undergrad and grad students who are now all over the country and world. I feel like I’m rich with relationships.

You may not know that I collected stamps most of my life. After my dad got me started with his albums when I was ten, every weekend, I traded stamps and played piano duets with my best friend, Lynda. I was a bit of a nerd! When we lived in Scotland, Steve and I got hooked on the beautiful commemoratives from Great Britain and joined the British Philatelic Bureau. When new stamps were issued, I received a first day cover and a mint set of the commemoratives. These treasures and this hobby are all on a shelf now but hold such sweet memories.

I’m nourished by listening to music, playing the piano and walking—especially in neighborhoods where I can enjoy the gardens. Now that I live in a condo, I mostly garden vicariously! A cup of tea or coffee with an old or new friend is also a delight.

I have three children (five including their spouses) and five grandchildren who live in North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. But I’m also grateful that you are my family as well. How thankful I am to be here, loving you and serving as a Parish Associate.


2 comentarios

Cindy Melrose
Cindy Melrose
20 may 2022

Thank you for sharing Sharol - such a pleasure to learn more about you. Thankful for you!

Me gusta

Helena Vander Ark
Helena Vander Ark
04 may 2022

We’re so glad your path led you back to Madison - and CPC!

Me gusta
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