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  • Cynthia Reynolds


A poem, by Cynthia Reynolds in 2020, which "represents living in an imperfect but resurrected life, especially during isolation and limited contact with others."

In a canopy of trees the light comes in broken, slant, dappled

leaves are the qualifiers, selecting in a breezy rhythm sun’s bright gift - speckled,

but glory none the less

this is how you hug without touching

when half your face is covered

and intimacy is measured in 6 ft segments

stand still and open your arms wide

embrace all the light and air between you

gather it in

turn your palms out,

offer every unspoken word, every tenderness you’ve been waiting to give

let your shoulders relax

let the light you radiate, dappled and uneven,

shine there in your open hands and your soft eyes

give the light a name

call it ‘here I am’

call it ‘speckled glory’

call it love.

Photograph by Barry Sherbeck, September 2020
Photograph by Barry Sherbeck, September 2020


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