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  • Cynthia Reynolds

song of being

a painting and poem, by Cynthia Reynolds

Awakening - a painting by Cynthia Reynolds

song of being

you have made me,

whispered to me in the depths of your love.

you have called me by name, counted out the hairs

you designed for my head.

quietly, you hold my hand as I wait in the darkness.

you fill me with longing, with a hunger

for light and bread and breath.

you open yourself to me

and invite me to step inside.

when I have nothing

see nothing

know nothing

you call me to burn like a candle

like a raging fire

always waiting with power and

gentle care

in the shadows.

you call me to

come into being

to fill my deepest well with your water

to walk one step at a time

one tear, one terror, one sigh

at a time.

in the utter dark you jangle your keys

shuffle your feet, clear your throat

scrape your breath across my cheek.

I cannot lose you

even if I try

Cynthia Reynolds (2019)


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