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  • Sharol Hayner

Praying for Ukraine

A prayer, by Sharol Hayner

God of love and mercy, you remind us over and over in scripture that you love the world and the people you created. You intimately know each one and promise to be with us in our struggles and our fears.

Today we pray for children, teenagers, and adults in Ukraine who fear for their lives and the future of their nation. Protect those who are fleeing and those who must remain, as all that they have known and loved is threatened and destroyed. Change the hearts of Putin and others in leadership in Russia.

Bring mercy, even in the minds and hearts of soldiers, and send your angels to thwart plans and decisions which only bring evil. Unite the rest of the world, and give wisdom to leaders from around the world who seek to support the Ukrainian people and those in the surrounding nations.

As your Spirit hovered over chaos at creation, hover over this chaos and bring good out of what is intended for harm and destruction.

Lord, have mercy. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Please add your own prayers in the comments below.


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